Auvent en polycarbonate VS auvent en verre

When deciding between polycarbonate and glass awnings, several factors influence the choice. Here’s a comparison and tips to consider:

Solidité et durabilité :

Polycarbonate Awnings:

  • Force: Polycarbonate is extremely robust, about 250-300 times stronger than glass. It’s virtually unbreakable, making it an ideal choice in areas prone to impact or extreme weather conditions.
  • Épaisseur: Typically 2-5mm, yet remarkably durable.

Glass Awnings:

  • Force: While glass is solid, it’s comparatively more fragile than polycarbonate. It’s about 10mm thick, providing strength but with the risk of breakage.
  • Impact Concerns: Glass can be more susceptible to damage from impacts or severe weather.

Load-Bearing and Installation:

Polycarbonate Awnings:

  • Load-Bearing: Panneaux en polycarbonate solide have been tested to withstand heavy loads. The fixing process is relatively simpler due to its lightweight nature.
  • Installation: The fixing process involves adhesive strips, leveraging the flexibility and lightness of polycarbonate. It can withstand typhoon-level forces and heavy snow.

Glass Awnings:

  • Load-Bearing: Glass can bear significant loads but requires a more robust frame due to its weight. Without proper fixing, the consequences of breakage could be severe.
  • Installation: The fixing process for tempered glass is more complex due to its weight. In adverse weather, it might be more prone to falling, posing safety risks.

Tips for Choosing:

  • Environnement: If the area is prone to impacts or extreme weather, polycarbonate might be the better choice due to its durability.
  • Facilité d'installation : If a simpler and less complex installation is preferred, polycarbonate offers an advantage.

Considering your need for durable and easy-to-install awning kits, polycarbonate seems to align well. It provides robustness, withstands severe weather, and offers a relatively straightforward installation process, making it a reliable choice for outdoor spaces.

For further details or specific product recommendations, feel free to contactez notre équipe or check our range of durable and easy-to-install polycarbonate awning kits.

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